Download and Installation

This page will walk you through the RealPlayer installation process using screenshots from Window s Vista and Internet Explorer. Your installation experience may vary depending on your PC settings, such as OS and default browser.

Verify the following before starting the installation process:

1. Verify that your PC meets the minimum system requirements of the latest version of RealPlayer. Not meeting the minimum requirements may cause some features in RealPlayer to fail.

2. Verify that you are connected to the internet. The connection must persist until the installation process completes.

Download and Installation

Step 1: Click the Download Button

Click RealPlayer FREE DOWNLOAD button

Step 2: Download Program File

The download dialog box opens.

Click “Run” to proceed to the Setup page, and skip to Step 5.

If you wish to save the program file to you PC, click “Save”

Download Program File

Step 3: Save To

If you clicked Save in Step 2, select the directory to save the program file to. Select the direct and click "Save".

Step 3: Save To

Step 4: Start Installation

When the download completes, click "Run".

If the installer does not automatically start, go to the directory you chose in Step 3, and double click the file named RealPlayer.exe.

Step 4:Start Installation

Step 5: End User Licensing Agreement

The Setup widow will open.

Read the End User Licensing Agreement.

You now have two options: 1. If you want to setup options, click "Options" and go to Step 6. 2. If you are happy with the default options click "Accept" and skip to step 7.

Step 5: End User Licensing Agreement

Step 6: Setup Options

You will be presented with a page to choose your setup options.

Install Location
Click “Change Location” if you wish to specify a installation directory other than the default location.

Choose whether or not you want desktop shortcuts.
Remove the checkbox if you do not want desktop icons added.

Download and Recording
This option allows you to choose whether or not you want the browser plug-in, which allows you to download internet videos directly from web pages,

Make RealPlayer my preferred video player
This option allows you to associate RealPlayer with all media formats it can play.

Step 6: Setup Options

Step 7: Install RealPlayer

Installation of RealPlayer starts. Please wait a few minutes for the installation to complete.
Installation time varies depending on internet connection speeds.

A promotion banner will appear in the center of the installer window. Clicking on the banner will not affect the installation.

Step 7: Install RealPlayer

Step 8: Select Setup

Select RealPlayer Plus or Basic RealPlayer.

RealPlayer Plus is the premium version of RealPlayer with includes features. If you select this, you will proceed to the check-out page. Just follow the easy-to-follow instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

Basic RealPlayer is the free version. If you select Basic RealPlayer and click "Continue", the Setup process completes, and RealPlayer launches.

Step 8: Select Setup

Step 9: Product Registration

The Product Registration page will display when installation completes.

If this is the first time you are registering, fill out the entry fields and click "Continue".

If you are already a registered user, click on the link labelled “Already Registered” at the top of the page and enter your email address and password on the next page.

If you do not wish to register, simply click "Cancel". The registration will abort, and RealPlayer will launch. If you decide you want to register at a later date, you can get back to the registration page from the Sign-in dialog box in RealPlayer. (Menu > Sign-In > click here)

Step 9: New User Registration

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