RealPlayer PlusPremium Player

  • Burn HD videos to DVD and watch them on TV or Blu-ray
  • Download web videos and transfer up to 100% faster
  • Watch MKV, WebM & more with advanced PlayPack
  • New! Music Cleaner to repair and organise your music

RealPlayer Plus | One-time fee of only $49.99 USD
Entitlements are activated immediately after purchase.

What's RealPlayer Plus?

It's the premium version of RealPlayer. RealPlayer Plus lets you do a lot more with your music, videos and photos.

Top benefits include:

  • Watch downloaded online videos on your home TV on DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Download web videos and transfer to your phone or tablet much faster
  • Easy and intuitive design for beginners as well as advanced users

New in RealPlayer Plus

  • Advanced Video PlayPack - Play, convert, trim and transfer high quality videos
    - Supported codecs: H.264, VP8, MPEG-4, DivX-4 and DivX-5
    - Supported file types: MKV, AVI, Xvid, WebM and DivX

  • Music Cleaner - matches up artwork, removes duplicates and cleans things up with intelligent database technology, even if your song names have misspellings or missing info

RealPlayer Plus Features

Download videos faster


Among the many useful features in RealPlayer, Downloader continues to be one of the favourites. In the latest version of RealPlayer Plus, we offer you the ability to accelerate download speeds.

Download videos from websites more quickly and download more videos in less time. Use it to expand your private video collection or stock up on videos for a trip.

Download Videos Faster

Transfer Videos Faster / Advanced Transfer


Transfer videos from your PC to your phone or tablet at a faster rate. Use the accelerator when converting multiple files to save time. We'll make taking your music and videos with you even easier.

Transfer Videos Faster / Advanced Transfer

Burn DVDs for TV / Burn HD videos / Make pro grade CDs


Burn your video collection onto DVDs. Create original DVDs of your home videos and watch them on your home theater system, or give them as gifts to the people that matter to you most.

Use the DVD Burn feature in combination with Downloader and Trimmer to broaden the types of DVDs that you can create. Burn DVDs that meet your specific needs. Take advantage of DVD, SVCD Burning, as well as premium CD Burning feature extensions.

Burn DVDs

Play DVDs & H.264 / Advanced Audio & Video Control

TV & Movies

Try RealPlayer Plus if you're looking for DVD playack software on on your computer or laptop. RealPlayer Plus plays your DVDs as easily as it plays videos downloaded from the web.

RealPlayer Plus also has the ability to playback DVD and H.264 videos, a 10-band graphic equalizer, advanced audio and video controls, crossfade, and a convenient toolbar mode for a much richer media experience.

High Quality Playback


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RealPlayer SuperPass
Premium Player with TV & Movies

This service bundles all the features of RealPlayer Plus and our Video On Demand service - SuperPass.

Free 14 day trial of RealPlayer SuperPass.You can end it anytime, or continue to enjoy all the features after trial at $4.95 USD a month.

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Basic Player

Just need the Basic Player?

The best Android app for you

RealPlayer for Android
All-in-One Media Player for Android

RealPlayer is the best Android app to enjoy your music, videos, and photos. Download RealPlayer from Google Play today.

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