RealPlayer Cloud on your PC, Mobile Devices, and TV

Move, Watch & Share Your Videos

RealPlayer Cloud delivers a seamless experience for watching and sharing videos on smartphones, tablets, computers, and TV.


Supported OS: Win7 and Win8
For WinXP and Vista Users: RealPlayer Classic

Move your videos easily between your computer and your smartphone or tablet. They are always correctly formatted for the device. You can even download videos to the device for offline use.

RealPlayer Cloud on all your devices
Moving video on your PC
Moving video on your Tablet
Moving video on your Phone

Watch your videos on your TV without connecting your computer. Access RealPlayer Cloud on your Roku or with Chomecast and see your videos on the big screen… no wires required. Get the Roku Channel Learn more about Chromecast

RealPlayer Cloud on Roku

Share videos of any length with family or friends without having to put it on Facebook or YouTube. Your friends don’t even have to create an account or download an app to watch your shared video.

Share your videos of any length privately

Mobile devices now support RealPlayer Cloud. Move, share, and instantly watch videos on smartphones and tablets with any of these apps.

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RealPlayer Cloud on Your Mobile Device

  • "I’ve been testing RealPlayer Cloud on all these devices… I think RealPlayer Cloud is well-designed and makes storing and sharing videos easy across different devices."

    -Walt Mossberg The Wall Street Journal
  • "The best thing about RealPlayer Cloud is its integrated SurePlay technology…. With SurePlay built in, RealPlayer Cloud can play just about any video file on just about any device."

    – Jaymar Cabebe CNet
  • "With its new service, RealPlayer Cloud, the company is seeking to eliminate the hassles that can make sharing personal videos a challenge."

    – Nick Wingfield New York Times
  • "… designed to facilitate seamless sharing and online storage for all of your non-DRM protected video. It's actually quite slick."

    – Andrew Tarantola GIZMODO

  • Upgrade Plan Pricing

    Get additional storage capacity by upgrading to one of our paid plans. See paid plans.

  • RealPlayer Cloud on YouTube

    • Meme Hunters
    • Watch Android videos on your TV
    • Transfer videos from PC to iPad
    • Watch PC videos on your TV
  • Introducing SurePlayTM

    RealPlayer Cloud is powered by SurePlayTM. Every video you have will play on every device that you own. Learn more about SurePlayTM.